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Is it time to create the


version of yourself? 

If you're ready to work, I'll help you get there.

  • 1-on-1 tailored coaching

  • Fully custom nutrition and training

  • GUARANTEED, or your money back



“I have had the pleasure of working with Tyler Yasuda over this past year. During my six years of training, I have yet to encounter a more qualified coach. Tyler is intelligent, caring, and highly detail oriented. His analytical approach to training and nutrition has not only improved my own athletic endeavors but also my understanding of seemingly complex topics. My favorite aspect of working with Tyler is that he wants to see all of his athletes succeed.  Tyler not only coaches his athletes to attain success in the weight room, he also inspires them to be successful in their personal lives. Tyler has encouraged me achieve my aspirations as well as to pursue all of my life goals. I am beyond grateful for the decision I made when I signed up for Tyler’s services. I was expecting to have a coach, however I gained a teacher, supporter, and a lifelong friend.”

— Dan Davis


I'm Tyler Yasuda, your online fitness coach. My goal is to teach you how to train, eat, and build habits so that you can grow into a stronger, healthier, more successful version of yourself.


My own journey began in 2010. I had always been weak and out of shape. I didn't like the way I looked or felt. With little more than the desire to improve, I began learning and training. As I saw my body change, the work itself assured me that with a bit of knowledge and consistent effort, my goals were within reach. This passion led me to competition. 

I've competed and won 9 Natural Bodybuilding shows in the NANBF, INBF, and NGA - qualifying as an NGA Pro Bodybuilder at the age of 19.

In the world of strength sports, I set and held the California State Total Powerlifting record for my category in 2014. 

I began teaching others about training and nutrition while studying physiology at UCLA. I worked as a personal trainer for a year along the way. After three years, I made a leap of faith - leaving school to dedicate myself to building this business and coaching full-time. 

From world-class athletes, to tech employees, to single moms, to doctors, and entrepreneurs, I've helped hundreds of people around the world to take control of their fitness. No matter where you're at in life, whatever your goals might be, we can work together to create a structure that fits into your life. We will get you there. 




During our initial video consultation, we'll get to know each other to be sure that we're a good fit. We'll review your goals and discuss realistic projections for progress. We'll confirm our commitments to your goals and be sure that we know what to expect of each other.


What foods can you not live without? How well can you keep track of your diet? We'll consider your preferences when planning your nutrition. There are thousands of diets that work - we just need to create the right one for you. 


Every part of your training program will be customized to balance your goals with your lifestyle. As much as we prioritize results, training should always be rewarding and enjoyable. We'll go through frequent updates to refine your training as you progress.


In order to ensure the  safety and efficacy of exercises, we'll review footage of your movements together, making specific improvements based on your own body proprotions and strengths or weaknesses. 


We'll schedule video calls every week. I'll be able to see your training and diet program in real-time and you'll have unlimited access to me for any questions or updates between meetings. I can't be there in person with you, but I promise to be the next best thing. 



Episode 6: Why Your Diet ISN'T WORKING

Episode 6: Why Your Diet ISN'T WORKING

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